Why Are Ribbon Mixers So Popular?

ribbon blender By Perla 0 Comments

When it comes to industrial mixing, there are many options available.  However, ribbon mixers have been the industry standard for decades now.  There are many different reasons why ribbon mixers are the ones that more companies choose.  Below is a list of just a few of those reasons.

They’re Relatively Inexpensive

ribbon blender

While there are other types of mixers that might work well in certain situations, there isn’t anything on the market more generally affordable than a ribbon blender.  This is the primary reason why so many companies choose to do all of their mixing with these types of mixers. 

In any business, it’s important to keep costs down, and the affordability of ribbon mixers is primarily why they have remained the industry standard.

Excellent for Multiple Types of Mixing

While certain other mixers are built for one specific purpose, ribbon mixers can be used for just about anything.  Whether you’re looking to mix stucco or concrete, pharmaceuticals or nutraceuticals, a ribbon mixer will be able to handle the job.

The versatility of the ribbon mixer is something that it has over any other type of mixer out there.

Fast and Easy

The best ribbon mixers on the market are not only easy to use, but they mix materials extremely fast.  This lowers the amount of time spent mixing and increases the rate of production significantly.

Because they’re generally easy to load and unload, there is also a lot less training time involved.  Overall, the ease and quickness of ribbon mixers will save a company both time and money.

Just by these three examples, it seems pretty clear as to why ribbon mixers have remained an industry standard for so long.  While new technology could possibly lead to more efficient mixers, there is currently nothing used more than the ribbon mixer.